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AJ Maintenance and Contracting Services

As a maintenance and contracting company, we are a specialized service provider that offers comprehensive solutions for the upkeep, repair, and management of various properties and facilities.

With a team of skilled professionals, we ensure that buildings, infrastructure, and equipment are well-maintained, functional, and safe. We can work on a contractual basis, offering long-term maintenance agreements tailored to your needs. 

We offer many services, including routine inspections, preventive maintenance, repairs, renovations, and round-the-clock emergency response. Who can you call to replace a broken window right before a big storm in the middle of winter? AJ Maintenance and Contracting, of course! Got an emergency plumbing issue right outside the conference room that needs to be fixed ASAP? Have an idea for a gorgeous renovation but no idea where to begin? We're on it!


The team we have built can handle projects ranging greatly in size and scope. Why keep a roster of different professionals in your contacts when you can consider AJ Maintenance and Contracting a one-stop for all your needs? 


By outsourcing your maintenance needs to our reputable company, you can focus on your core operations while benefiting from efficient and cost-effective facility management. 


Whether it's residential, commercial, or industrial properties, we play a vital role in ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of the built environment.

Our Residential and Commercial Services

Our services encompass various facility management and maintenance aspects. We manage all projects, from electrical and plumbing repairs to HVAC system maintenance, carpentry, painting, landscaping, janitorial services, and general building maintenance. 


We also offer preventive maintenance programs. Using our keen eye to identify potential issues before they become significant, we can reduce costly repairs and downtime.


In addition, we provide renovation and remodeling services, allowing you to upgrade and enhance your property. With our expertise and skilled workforce, we ensure your property is well-maintained, functional, compliant with safety regulations, and aesthetically pleasing.

Our residential services cater specifically to the needs of homeowners and tenants and provide general maintenance and repairs, interior and exterior services. No handyperson in the house? A little skeptical of your helpful neighbor with the unwieldy ladder? No problem! Join our family of satisfied customers, and leave all your home maintenance and repair worries to us. 

All services listed are available for both commercial and residential projects.

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